Web/Software & App Development

Web/Software & App Development Packages

PSD to HTML Conversion

What you will receive:

  • Homepage HTML with CSS/CSS3 & JavaScript
  • 5 inner pages HTML with CSS/CSS3 & JavaScript
  • W3C validated, responsive & device compatible

Pricing Starts at


You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

WordPress Website

What you will receive:

  • HTML to WordPress theme conversion
  • Approved plugins and custom post areas
  • Complete installation & live demo on client server

Pricing Starts at


You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Drupal Website

What you will receive:

  • HTML to Drupal theme conversion
  • Approved modules and custom content types
  • Complete installation & live demo on client server

Pricing Starts at


You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Ecommerce Platform using Wordpress or Drupal

What you will receive:

  • HTML to complete ecommerce conversion
  • All required plugins and payment gateways
  • Complete installation & live demo on client server

Pricing Starts at


You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Magento Shop

What you will receive:

  • HTML to complete ecommerce conversion
  • All required plugins and payment gateways
  • Complete installation & live demo on client server

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Code Igniter Development

What you will receive:

  • Any type of Project
  • Approved plugins and custom content types
  • Ecommerce Site
  • Plugin development according to the requirements
  • Complete installation & live demo on client server

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Custom Ecommerce Platform using PHP or ASP.NET

What you will receive:

  • HTML to complete ecommerce conversion
  • All required plugins and payment gateways
  • shopping cart, user management, profile, order, products, categories, inventories, shipping, advance search, wish list, blog, cms, admin panel, payment methods, api integation, subscribers, get a quote

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

CRM developnment using php or asp.net

What you will receive:

  • HTML to complete ecommerce conversion
  • All required APIs
  • user magnemetnm, admin apenl, group mangement, agent mangement, email campaign, email magnemetn, tarcking sysmte, tracking via api, lead mangement, auto matic lead assigns, payment methods, api integation, subscribers, account magnemetn, warehouse mangemnetm, erp sustem etc

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

IOS App Development

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Android App Development

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.


Software Consulting Services

Software consulting, also known as IT consulting or technology consulting, focuses on advising companies on how best to utilize information technology to meet their goals and objectives. With over 7 years of real-world custom software consulting experience, our team can help you navigate and comprehend the maze of technology lingo, and provide the information you need to make the best decision for your software project.
We view software consulting as several discreet steps...

How can we offer valuable advice if we don't truly understand your specific circumstances? We can't. The most important thing we can do as consultants is LISTEN to the needs, goals and objectives of our clients. We aren't building our software, we are building yours!


It's one thing to hear what you are saying. We have to understand exactly what those words mean to you. Every company has a different culture, and a unique communication lingo. Our job is to clarify your requirements, goals and objectives to ensure that we are on the same page.


Once we understand the purpose and desired outcome of your software project, our job is to come up with the best technologies and methodologies to solve your specific software problem. We rely on over 7 years of custom software development experience, in a wide array of industries.


To solve your software problem, our team must balance your software requirements with your time frame, budget, and technology constraints. It is only through listening, clarifying and brainstorming that we can provide the very best software advice.

Database Applications

A database management system ("DBMS") is a software program that helps you manage data records and files, also known as databases. We've been building powerful custom database applications since the 2003 's, and our team can create a system that can power your company's top and bottom line.
High Performance Database Systems

Does your current DBMS slow you down? We build database management systems that are fast, secure, and intuitive. Regardless if you need a web database application or a desktop (i.e. Windows) we can build you one.

Friendly, Intuitive User Interface Designs

What good is a database system if your users hate it? We build clean, intuitive database applications that your users are going to love to use. Our team strictly adheres to recognized user interface design principles.

Database Security is Job 1

What good is a database management system if the most valuable part - the data - isn't secure? We build rock solid, highly secure database management systems you can rely on for years to come.

Comprehensive Reporting Features

One of the main reasons for entering database in a database system is to be able to use the information to improve your business. Reporting is one of the most important aspects of any database management system, and we utilize a wide variety of tools, including Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services

Desktop Solutions

Sometimes you just need a powerful desktop database solution. Due to security reasons, for example, your company might not want critical data available online. Whatever your reasons are, for a lot of situations a desktop database management system may be the perfect choice. Our team can define, design, develop and deploy the right desktop database solution for your needs..
State-of-the-Art User Interface Design

The user interface is one advantage desktop solutions have over web applications. The web has come a long way, but for pure power and flexibility, nothing beats a desktop user interface. With almost 10 years of user interface design experience, our team can create a clean, efficient and user friendly interface for your next desktop database management system.

Professional Database Design

In most cases, the difference between a good database management system and a bad one comes down to database design. If the database is structured and optimized well, performance and integrity of the data is optimal. Our team will make sure the database system you get is structured correctly, leading to many years of reliability.

Complete Source Code

All our custom software applications include complete, well-documented source code. Delivered on electronic media, you can rest assure that the code we give you was professionally written and commented.

Software Installation

You might be wondering how we are able to install and configure your new application from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. With advances in remote software, today it very easy to deploy and configure your software over the internet. In fact, it is as if we were in the next office. Remote technology is safe, secure, fast and reliable, and we have been doing it this way since the late 2003's. Our team can handle all the details. If you don't have the in-house technical expertise, don't worry. We can take care of everything.

Ongoing Support

Your business doesn't remain static, and neither does your custom software. As your business grows, we can help modify your software so it grows right along with it. And in the unlikely case that something goes wrong, our team is here to get your application back on track.

Project Management

That is what it's all about, right? You want the best software solution, delivered in a reasonable timeframe, within your budget. At Linez Technologies, we take software project management serious. We spend many hours each week managing your project, to make sure we are either on or ahead of schedule.
Online Project Management

We believe in a highly transparent development process. Utilizing the award-winning Basecamp, you can monitor the progress of your project 24/7. Track milestones, review time, download critical documents and more. You can do it all with Base camp.

Web Applications Development

What does web application development mean?

Wikipedia says: "an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet."
Web applications are gaining popularity over desktop applications because they are easy to update, distribute and scale. They typically require nothing to be installed on the users' computer and can be used by thousands of users simultaneously. We believe this is the future.
Before contacting any web development or website design company, decide on the limits of your budget and have some idea of what you want. Do not forget your web site is an investment, serves as your introduction, selling tool and image recognition.
We specialize in web design, web application development, corporate identity and search engine optimization. Basically, we are a one stop shop for whatever it takes to help you grow your business and your presence on the web.

Our core service is a development of Business and Custom made applications such as:

  •   Intranets and extranets
  •   Web application interfaces
  •   Payment gateways
  •   Reservation Systems
  •   Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •   Advertising Banner Management
  •   Newsletter Management … and much more!
Our web development cycle includes phases:
  •   Your objectives and resources
  •   Idea generation
  •   Layout, Usability and Functionality
  •   Project map + structure
  •   Demo corrections and enhancements
  •   Project development
  •   Fine-tuning, Testing
  •   Deployment
  •   Support and promotion
We can assist you in these areas:
  •   Intranets
  •   Portals
  •   Social network applications
  •   Custom product catalogs
  •   Custom CMS

e-Commerce Development

In the global village conducting business electronically is no more a dream but it's an important facet of cyber reality.
ecommerce can be defined as " conducting of all the business transactions and communications on the internet ". To simplify further, it is buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. Thus, seller and buyers can interchange inquiries, orders, invoices, transfer of funds etc. directly over the internet.

ecommerce is an ensemble of technologies that make possible the online access to services via the Internet and it follows a thin client model, in which multiple services are packaged and presented to a given user to meet their specific requirements. It facilitates technologies and core infrastructure components, for majority of the needs, be defined and implemented independently of tangible business requirements.
Benefits of e-Commerce
No Geographical Barrier

ecommerce facilitate people to carry out their business without any geographical barrier because all the business transaction of buying and selling has to be done over the internet which implies no geographical barrier.

Time Flexibility

Availability of your business over internet is 24X7 and 365 days, one can logon to the internet at any time during day or night for doing business transactions, such scenario provide time flexibility to buyer as well to seller.

Extend Business to unlimited Market Place

The internet facilitate business owners to reach customers around the globe without any market place constraints and with effective use of ecommerce, your product can be shown to the global customer who has the opportunity to browse your products or services irrespective of your market physical location and shop at their own convenience from office, home or cyber café etc with time flexibility.

Lower operational cost

The Internet facilitate ecommerce web sites owner to reduce product approval time, labor cost, delivery time and reduction in financial constraints for error detection and correction, document preparation, reconciliation, data entry, supervision, cold calling etc.

Thus this reduction in overall business factors result in reduction of personnel required to complete the various business processes and reduces strain on other resources, which facilitate the business owner in lowering the overall operational cost.

Collaborative Working

ecommerce facilitate the various business partners, customers from different geographical locations and suppliers to work in a collaborative manner in order to manage, allocate and improve project work without any geographical location barriers.

Ease in Business Administration

ecommerce facilitate in automation of the total business functionalities like inventory management, payment management, logistics management, customer care management etc. ecommerce web site owner just have to administrator the entire modules of the developed system through internet and update the latest information which will be up and running with few seconds. Thus, the concept of ecommerce facilitates ease in business administration.

Fast Approval of work

With the help of ecommerce the whole process of the work approval will become faster because work like quotation generation, purchase order, covering letter etc are quickly designed using various tools and delivered through email for approval.

Secured Payment systems

Business Payment transactions are secured in ecommerce using various advanced techniques like encryption etc that helps business owner or customers to do payment transactions online with out any worries.

Process of ecommerce
From the above explanation we came to know about ecommerce and its benefits.
Now, in order to implement ecommerce to our business we have to take care of few other concepts of ecommerce, which helps us to convert business to ebusiness.

Following are few common steps to form ecommerce website:
Creating Catalogue

Display products with images, description, price, product code etc.

Integrating Shopping Basket

Once product catalogue is ready, integrate the shopping basket functionality with administration to the catalogue.

Integrating Online Payment Gateway

After integrating shopping basket functionality, payment gate integration process is followed to provide the functionality of online secure payment.

Order Tracking

This module is integrated with the entire system for tracing orders overall status. Apart from these few necessary and sufficient above steps, there are no of other specific functionalities are integrated depending upon the clients individual requirements.
We offers complete range of ecommerce based solutions developed using the latest cutting edge technologies like J2EE, .NET, PHP with MS SQL or Oracle Database to its client's world wide through our network of channel partners.
Our ecommerce Solutions include applications and services for retailers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies, doing business domestically or in multiple countries.

Multimedia Development

Multimedia can be defined as presenting the media in more than one medium, thus as the name implies, multimedia is the integration of multiple forms of media like voice, sound, text, data, graphics, video, animation etc.
For e.g., a presentation involving video clips and audio would be known as "multimedia presentation".
Multimedia presentations are having the broad array of applications like conferencing, presentations, training, referencing, games, etc.
Benefits of Multimedia:
  •   Integrated and interactive
  •   Easy to understand
  •   Easy to use
  •   Conducive to cooperative work environment
  •   Flexible
  •   Supportive of large audience
  •   Reduced Learning Time
  •   Increased Retention Levels and Motivation
  •   Cater to Individual Learning Styles

We offers a complete range of multimedia solutions from stimulating graphic design to corporate branding; from effective search engine marketing campaigns to multimedia presentations that work and add value to your business.

More Software Services

We provide a host of other services. Custom Software Development Services We provide custom software development services, create various kinds of Web and desktop applications and also manage customer relationship databases.
Technologies Developers

Developing high-quality software solutions does not happen by chance.

Software Implementation

Our success not only depends on the effective planning and development of the software applications but also upon the successful implementation of the final product.

Software Application Testing

Software development cycle involves various stages.

Software Testing Company

Linez Technologies being a prominent software consultancy company provides clients from across the worldwide superior software testing services at rates that are almost negligible.

Custom Software Developers

At Linez Technologies, we provide custom software development services, create various kinds of Web and desktop applications and even manage customer relationship databases.

Custom Software Solutions

At Linez Technologies, we provide custom software development solutions. We create custom Web and desktop applications as well as manage customer relationship databases.

Software Consulting Company

Custom software development can contribute immensely to an organization's expansion. Building software as per your needs can save cost and time as well.

Custom Web Applications

If you are looking for innovative software, desktop, database or Web application systems, then you have come to the right place!

Software Development Support

State-of-the-art technologies go into the making of the top-notch solutions that we deliver. Just get to us and take away the best deal in software development support and application.

Software Consulting Firm

Developing software to be successful, it needs to be carefully planned. Hire the right software consulting firm.

Web Application Developers

Most companies today realize the importance of hiring skilled web application developers.

Web Database Development

Creating a content management system either from scratch, or using a pre-existing building blocks, may sound like the ultimate way to get the exact Web Database Solution for your specific business needs.

Custom Database Development

A well-built database can save you money, and increase sales.

Access Database Developers

Need Microsoft Access developers? We have highly skilled Access developers.

Visual Basic Developers

Do you need skilled Visual Basic developers? Read more by clicking the above link.

Software Outsourcing Tips

You may have done a lot to streamline your business, cutting personnel back to a bare minimum, and watching everything like a hawk. Augment your IT staff with these software outsourcing tips.

Software Project Design

Custom Software Design is the heart of your project that comprehensively represents your business in an attractive format, thus increasing the lifespan of your portfolio.

Desktop Applications

The Internet user of today is a more savvy and Web enabled user than that of a few years ago.

Hire a Software Programmer

Success of a project when developed by an offshore provider is largely dependant on the way the project is remotely managed from the client's side.

Software Application Support

Internet has become the greatest source of all kinds of information, whether it is business or literary, academic or hobby-related.

Software Maintenance Services

Your organization's operations and strategic information system challenges are unique.

Software Database Management Solutions

Sometimes getting the information you need to run your business means an ever-growing Database Management nightmare.

Database Application Development

As a business you most probably use the Web as an inexpensive channel to carry out transactions, communicate and exchange information with your customers.

HTML Web Developers

Designing a website can be quite a daunting prospect if you are new to the Internet.

J2EE Application Development

J2EE Application Development services and support from the leader - Linez Technologies.

Open Source Software Development

Software Development is a time consuming and error prone process because of the need to learn computer languages.

Software Customization

The ever-increasing volumes of data that need to be collected and arranged in the business world.

Software Data Modeling

Staying a step ahead in the dynamic world of business intelligence and data warehousing is an exciting -- but time-consuming challenge for businesses.

Software Application Services

Businesses no longer want a static website, they are in need of a more dynamic, customizable and interactive site for their business.

Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing software development services has become the norm today. Find out why we think our approach is the best.

Custom Business Software

eCommerce is the method of doing business online that consists of buying, selling, and marketing of products and services and other commercial transactions done via the Internet.

Custom Software Development for Windows

There are times when circumstances require a specific customized program.

You will absolutely love to work with us