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Linez Warehouse Management System Launched

In today's warehousing and distribution centers, everyone is looking for a better ROI . Some of the best ways to increase productivity and save expenses are to analyze operations and implement a Warehouse Management Software. Some of you may have a legacy WMS system and are looking to replace it with a WMS system based on current technology — a technology refresh of sorts. Others of you may have new warehouses or are part of an organization that has grown to the point where you can't afford not to implement warehousing software.


Linez Inventory Management System Launched

A full-featured, easy-to-use system that meets your needs is what you always need. Linez Inventory Management System is designed with your needs in mind. Linez Inventory Management System is perfectly suited for wholesalers, distributors, online retailers, importers/exporters, 3rd party logistics warehouses, and any other inventory-based business. For any company that manages product, Linez Inventory Management System helps streamline all buying, selling, and shipping processes. This results in a more efficient and more effective workflow.


Linez Technologies Launched

Linez Technologies is a privately held Designing & Development company established in January 2003. Linez Technologies is a leading developer of client server environment and provides information technology services with the cost effective and quick custom software development.