Linez Warehouse Management System

In today's warehousing and distribution centers, everyone is looking for a better ROI . Some of the best ways to increase productivity and save expenses are to analyze operations and implement a Warehouse Management Software. Some of you may have a legacy WMS system and are looking to replace it with a WMS system based on current technology — a technology refresh of sorts. Others of you may have new warehouses or are part of an organization that has grown to the point where you can't afford not to implement warehousing software.

In our opinion, the most popular driving forces behind implementing warehousing software includes

  •   Labor savings
  •   Inventory savings and accuracy
  •   Meeting customer requirements

Your customers are actively restructuring their vendor relationships to deal with fewer trading with a demonstrated capability to turn a high volume of small floor-ready orders in a matter of hours rather than weeks. The logistics capability of responding quickly and accurately to these high velocity QR orders can transform a distribution "quagmire" into a significant competitive advantage for your company. By implementing Foxfire WMS Software, your distribution center can increase labor productivity significantly, improve inventory accuracy to near 100%, and virtually eliminate shipping errors.

Linez Technologies is focused on delivering measurable results and helping you run your businesses better. In short, implementation of Linez Warehouse Management Software:

  •   Greatly enhances the client's capability to ship its customers' orders on-time, optimizing inventory with near absolute accuracy and with required advanced electronic shipment notifications (ASN)
  •   Is an integral part of the supply chain, controlling the movement and storage of materials within an operation while processing the associated transactions
  •   Directs and optimizes stock putaway based on real-time information related to bin utilization
  •   Reduces dependencies on personal memory for inventory locations and better track inventory

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