Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS)

Linez Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) - A most featured rich, easy-to-use system that meets your needs is what you always need. Linez Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) are designed with your needs in mind. One key ingredient to success in the workplace which is ensure that staff consistently attends work. As an administrator, you can positively and proactively encourage attendance by communicating with staff, keep records to identify trends of leave, and promote health and wellness with your staff and users.

Linez Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) is perfectly suited for any organization having working environment to deal with the employees or the user’s attendance. For any company that manages employee working hours, their leaves, absentees etc. Linez Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) provide to help streamline all Activities related to employee. Linez Leave & Attendance Management System (LAMS) is both scalable and flexible. No matter how large your organization is, or how fast it’s growing, our Leave & Attendance management software can adapt to meet or exceed your requirements. Linez Leave & Attendance Management System is the affordable option for Leave & Attendance management. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on an enterprise level solution anymore. Our fully scalable Leave & Attendance Management software allows you to get all the features you need without having to pay for “extras”. 

In today's highly competitive market, organizations need to maintain an appropriate level regarding to employees at any time. Leave & Attendance management is a solution of this need. These activities include identifying necessary employee requirements, creating, tracking and monitoring the employee performance, concentration towards work as well as reporting. Our software gives you an easy way to catalogue, organize, and manage all your employees. You can decrease your staff members because Leave & Attendance management system didn’t need too many staff members only one employee can handle this software.

Key Features
  •   Record Management: In Record Management, System manages all information provided or created in System Settings by the system user;
    • Department(S) Management
    • Sub Department(S) Management
    • Employee Management
    • Time Table Management
    • Leaves Management
    • Shift Management
    • User(S) Management
    • Holiday Management
    • Destination(S) Management
    • Reports Management
  •   System generates payroll for the employees on the basis of their working hours, leaves and    usual absentees.
System Settings:
  •   Department(S):
    • In Department, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Department
      • Update Department
      • Delete Department
      • Search Department
  •   Sub Department(S):
    • In Sub Department, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Sub Department
      • Update Sub Department
      • Delete Sub Department
      • Search Sub Department
  •   Employee:
    • In Employee, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Employee
      • Update Employee
      • Delete Employee
      • Search Employee
  •   Time Table:
    • In Time Table, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Time Table
      • Update Time Table
      • Delete Time Table
      • Search Time Table
  •   Shift:
    • In Shift, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Shift
      • Update Shift
      • Delete Shift
      • Search Shift
  •   Leave Types:
    • In Leave Type, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Leave Type
      • Update Leave Type
      • Delete Leave Type
      • Search Leave Type
  •   User(S):
    • In User, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add User
      • Update User
      • Delete User
      • Search User
  •   Holidays:
    • In Holiday, system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Holiday
      • Update Holiday
      • Delete Holiday
      • Search Holiday
  •   Destination(S):
    • In Destination(S), system provide following features to the users;
      • Add Destination
      • Update Destination
      • Delete Destination
      • Search Destination
  •   Reports: In Reports , system provide following information to the user in a report compact form;
  •   Employee List Report
  •   Daily Time IN/ Time Out Report
  •   User Activity Log Report
  •   Daily Late Arrivals report
  •   Daily Early Departure Report
  •   Overall Total Attendance Report
  •   Absentees Report
  •   Daily Attendance Report
  •   Daily Break Report
  •   Daily Work Hour Report
  •   Individual Employee Time Sheet
  •   Daily On Leave Report
  •   Daily Over Time Report
  •   Employee Detail Report
  •   Gazette Holidays Report
  •   Over Time Details Report
On Demand Features:

Linez Technology provides some interactive features to the system users on demand;

  •   Thumb Impression Recognition
  •   Face Recognition
  •   Id Card Swap Recognition
  •   It’s a desktop application but on clients demand we can convert it to the Online System as well.
  •   Keep Records: Keep accurate records of your staff’s attendance. With good records, you will be able to see if there is excessive use of sick time, and be able to spot any patterns of absenteeism.
  •   Report Statistics: Report all kind to statistics to the humarn resource like absentees statictis , working hour statistics etc.
  •   Time Safety: Time safety is the key for the every organization and manual to the automate system provides time management in a better way.
  •   Activity Monitoring: Monitor employee activities,which shows employees interest towards work.
  •   Manages Record: User can view any record on just one click.
  •   Provide Streamline Operation: This system provide streamline opertaions to the user without any difficulty.

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