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Monthly SEO

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  • On site SEO
  • Off site SEO
  • According to GEO Targeting

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You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.

Per Hour SEO

What you will receive:

  • On site SEO
  • Off site SEO
  • According to GEO Targeting

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5$ per hour. 40 hours per week

You can extend this package by adding more inner page custom designs and header design options.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a sub set of web promotion methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings to bring more visitors to the website once a relevant search is undertaken.
Search engine optimization is the science of search and it never rest, that's why it is continuous process to enchase chances of web site for being ranked in the top results of a search engine.
Search engine optimization process You need to know that what is a search engine optimization process, after developing a Web site and selecting the best hosting company, don't rush out and submit it to search engines immediately. A Web site manager would be wise to take a little time for optimization of your web site for search engines. Search engine optimization process Search Engine friendly design which have cleanness in design and Easy Navigation, along with relevant content and other search engine fundamentals included in it.

Title of web page

Title is probably the most significant part of your page as far as search engines are concerned. No search engine optimization process is complete until you've added your keyword to the <TITLE> tag.

Use of Meta tags

Meta tags are the additional pieces of information, which are, included into the "head" area of your web pages in the web pages HTML code. Meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with but for browser and search engine spiders etc.
Some of the most important keywords

Meta Description Tag

The Meta description tag allows you to influence the description of your page in the crawlers that support the tag. Your description reflects then most important part of your web page.

Meta Keyword Tag

Identify primary keywords and consistently use them throughout your SEO efforts. The meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for crawler-based search engines to index along with your body copy. You should put all your targeted keywords that are relevant for your web page.

Meta Robots Tag

This meta tag lets you specify that a particular page should NOT be indexed by a search engine.

Body text optimization Use of head tag

If you want specific terms to be more prominent then put them in title or heading tags, Search Engines priorities content in headings over content in paragraphs.

Have Relevant Content

The page also contains some keyword-rich body text. Preferably, your document should contain several occurrences of the keyword.

Title of web page
keyword Prominence

Make sure the main keyword/phrase for which you wish to rank well is featured prominently on your page.

Image Alt tag description

Image should contain its description in the alt attribute containing key word.

Have HTML link

Your web pages must contain a links in HTML format than images or else.

Web page URL

Search engine friendly URL's
Search engine friendly urls refer to the use of instead of "" they are used because some search engines will not crawl pages containing '&' in the URL.
keywords in URL structures
Web page url should contain targeted keyword in it.

Have a site map page

The sitemap is useful because it is only text links, which are the best element of a "good content" because they are 100% text and also create a solid basis of inter-links throughout your site, which increase your credibility automatically. You just provide the spiders with a direct route to all your pages from one point. Search engine needs easy way to get where they want and what they want in order to index each page fast and get them in the appropriate topic results pages.

What to avoid in search engine optimization?
  •   No Frame
  •   Don't Hide Your Text
  •   No clocking
  •   No doorway pages
  •   No Search Engine Spamming
  •   Web site technology won't confuse the search engines
  •   No invisible navigation systems
  •   Don't duplicate content
  •   Avoid Flash in particular
  •   Don't use redirects as much as possible.

Little fact about search engine optimization We can do search engine optimization for you, this is something you get to hear very often, but Search engine optimization does not mean just fiddling around with a set of keywords.
Search engine optimization techniques and strategies are far more complicated than this and changes in the search engines algorithm, means that Search engine optimization experts have to be completely up-to-date on new developments.
It really is a matter of finding out the logic behind search engine "reasoning". Finding out what "instruments" to influence search results, within the boundaries of "best practice" are available. Developing in house tools, to avoid tedious and time-consuming basic functions through atomization. Conclusion!!! After reading the above search engine process and all other stuff Should you still prefer to do it on your own, let us help you on your way for free:
Go to
Type in "search engine optimization".
Enjoy the fact that there is a wealth of 1.100.000 search results.
Start reading..
If you think a small exercise we recommended you is complicated for you, then we at Linez Technologies have a solution for you.
Linez Technologies Search engine optimization service is strategically managed service that establishes long-term brand visibility, creating visits that convert into value. By combining best practice search engine optimization methodology with advanced management reporting and fees based on our performance, our search engine optimization service delivers realistic ROI.

Website Re-Designing

When you begin to prepare for your web site, keep in mind that most people will come to your site for information and some time communication gap between the developers and clients will results a web site, which will be of no use to clients.
A web site needs continuous enhancements and improvements for various reasons and at this point there is need for the web site redesign but before re design your web site, you have to ask few questions honestly to yourself.

Is your existing web site fresh?

Fresh and up to date information on web site compels your visitors to visit your web site every day and bring great amount of traffic to your web site. Thus, a web site needs to be a fresh and up to date with latest information.

Is it compatible with all the web browsers?

Numbers of web sites on the Internet are not compatible with different browsers that are commonly used by the visitors. Thus, a web site should be compactable with the various common browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Netscape Navigator etc.

Is it having a professional look and feel?

Your web site should have professional look and feel which means uniform color sense, use of proper CSS, placement of images, graphics, animation, proper tag use, title description, meta tags etc which gives an professional appeal to a web site and strong appeal to visitor

Is it Search Engine friendly?

Search Engine friendliness is must in today's Internet scenario if you really want to stand in the competition, your web site content richness, implementation of search engine optimization techniques to various web pages with various meta tag and relevant keyword richness enable your web site to score good on engine parameters from where potential customer would come to you.

Is it user friendly?

Another important question does your web site provide an ease to the visitor for looking information he/she is interested, does your website navigation pattern, proper placement of images graphics or animation is easy enough that a visitor is hooked to it. Thus, one of web site success key factor is user friendliness.

Is it giving you business?

Yeah!!! This is the question around which entire story of online business revolve, does your web site gives you business. If not! Then you have to think why and you have to start from the scratch to understand the basics and identity the loopholes, so that you can make efforts to rectify it and make your web site a success story.
Answering honestly the above few questions if you score less than 30 to 20 % on scale of 10, then we recommend you redesigning of web site strongly.
Redesigning a website is not a costly affair, but can be a highly effective way of enhancing your corporate identity and increasing you business sales.

Web site re-design process Analysis of Existing web site

First and the foremost step in the process of web site redesign, get the professional opinion on your current web site and analyze the inputs, so that analysis report provide an base for the redesign of your new web site.

Analysis of Competitors web sites

Put your heads together to search and analyze the strengths and weakness of the competitor web site.

Target Audience Research

After analysis of the competitors web site, search for your target audience for which your web site.

Content writing for new web site

Most important step in today's search engine scenario, good content of the web site is a key for success, get assistance for professional content writer, who will write content with reference to your products and services in a way that content will cover audience of all age group and various business domains.

Professional look and feel

Web site themes, color sense, look and feel, selection of images, animation or graphics have to proper keeping various pixel resolutions in mind.

Web site Navigation and interaction pattern

Choose navigation pattern in such a way that a visitor can navigate the entire web site form an single web page, reduce number of pop ups as much as possible.

Use of optimize images, graphics and animation

Images, animation and graphics should be optimized for fast download on limited bandwidth. Browser compatibility Make your web site different browser compatible by following the various standard provides by W3C.

Search Engine Friendliness

Use of good and relevant content with proper use of key word description, meta tags, alt tags description and search engine constraints make possible to deliver a web site which is search engine friendly and facilitates in achieving top position in leading search engines to derive maximum traffic to your web site.

Analyzing web stats

When web site is redesigned keeping various above-explained factors in to considerations and uploaded on Internet, check web stats of the web site on regular bases using control panel.

Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration. Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms, however. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist. Before submitting, you must of course find a place to submit to and it is highly recommended that any site owner establish a search engine submission budget. This is true whether you are running a commercial web site.

Most popular search engines

Although there are thousands of search engines exists on the web today, it is estimated that 95% of all searches are done through the top few engines and Without top rankings in major search engines for key words and phrases related to your products and services, you are definitely missing the bulk of your potential customers.

This doesn't mean that you should completely ignore the smaller engines that aren't mentioned here, but it does mean that you should focus on the big ones. If you can rank well in just one or two of the major search engines, the traffic you'll receive will in most cases surpass that of 20 minor engines put together.

Manual submission V/S Auto submission

If you ask webmasters to describe their single most frustrating task and you're likely to get an earful about the search engine and directory submission process. It can be confusing, tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Manual Submission A MUST For Directories i.e. Human-based search engines (directories) Some search engines and directories make it virtually impossible to be included except by manual submission. The two best examples are perhaps Goggle and DMOZ.

A directory is organized into categories and subcategories. Each directory has a different hierarchical structure (i.e. category layout), and each one has its own set of submission guidelines. Human editors review each directory submission and evaluate the site's quality and relevance. Success only comes when you submit a high quality site to the proper category.

Spider-based search engines

With the spider-based search engines, both automated and manual submissions work well. In an ideal situation, you should only have to submit the Home page from your site, and the search engines should be able to find the rest of the pages on your site from a single submission. Manual Search Engine Submission Takes Time. All search engines allow you to submit your site manually, generally through an "Add URL" or "Suggest A Site" link - if you can find it. Some webmasters swear that search engines intentionally make it hard to submit by hiding their "Add URL" links.

Automated Submission

Avoid that endless repetition by using an automated tool that remembers your site's information. You just have to enter the information once into the form and the tool takes care of submitting to individual search engines. This does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with automated submission. These tools are also useful if you need to resubmit often since the information is stored and ready to send out.

The use of automated submissions has varied causes but some obvious reasons can be identified. Automated submissions can lead to server overload and vulnerability to denial of service attacks. Inappropriate submissions, for example submitting a general interest URL to a specialty engine, can happen much more easily when submission is automated. Finally, manually maintained directories are particularly sensitive to inappropriate categorization and trivial requests for inclusion. For them manual submissions separate the wheat from the chaff.

Submission Conformation and Update

For an individual who is doing a one-time submission of his site to search engines, updates are not a major issue. For the web developer who makes submissions on a regular basis for different clients, it is quite a different matter.
If you can't find your pages, it might be that they are not included in the index. If that is the situation, don't panic. It always takes the search engine a while to index content after it has been submitted, so be patient.
Don't resubmit the pages unless it has been about three weeks since you submitted and you still can't find them in the database.
At Linez Technologies We'll help you evaluate your options and select the best submission method for your site.

Social Media Optimization

The conversations that run and drive Social Media require a genuine and dedicated approach. Just because you have the latest tool doesn't mean you can throw the same marketing at them. You must listen and participate. The audience is now smarter and more approachable and new numerous networks are making their attention thin. We must humanize brands, speak to them at a level they understand, create loyalty and earn their business. That's where Linez Technologies comes in!

We Will:
  •   Learn all about you and your business. We'll find the gaps.
  •   Brainstorm ideas and activities to "socialize" your business.
  •   Research what your competitors are up on the social web.
  •   Formulate specific and measurable goals for your business.
  •   Set up profiles at Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and supply actionable and simple tactics for using these tools.
  •   Increase your brand visibility
  •   Increase your influence within your target market
  •   Increase your website/blog traffic
  •   Start building a brand that people will remember and pay for.

Pay Per Click Management

The objective of our search engine marketing campaign is not just to deliver better rankings it's to generate traffic to your website. We offer search engine advertising packages with the following features as standard:

  •   Dedicated well experienced campaign managers
  •   No account set up fee
  •   Professional creation and optimization of online ads
  •   Ads served alongside results from Google search engine
  •   Geo-targeting of ads to users within your targeted geographic business area
  •   Compilation of highly-targeted keywords relevant to your business
  •   Strong reporting system on your website campaign performance
You will absolutely love to work with us